Babashola’s Theories

Life, breath, wellbeing and wholeness of mind, are gifts from the Creator or Giver of life.
What makes life important is different from what makes it fun, enjoyable.
From my own perspectives, I will share my stories, observations, will, intellectualism, spirituality and philosophy.
I lost my dad when I was a year and 7months old and my mum when I was 12years 3 months old.
I’m a writer, author, poet, lover, teacher, revolution catalyst and leader.
I know pain, betrayal, heartache, lies, deceit, unfulfilled dreams, sadness, lust and greed. I have also experienced joy, fulfillment, purpose, destiny, love, victories and surprises.
People also call me BOTA, acronym for Babashola Oluwatimilehin Timothy Ayeni.
I’m a man on a mission and death won’t come until I achieve it.
My blog is about my theories about LiFE and all that is Attached or entrenched with it.
Welcome to my world!


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