I opened my eyes seeing my mother
Welcoming me to this world
With love and milk
Flowing from her lovely pure breast
Like a waterfall
She gazed at me with joy and fulfillment
And called me love
She called me destined to love

At Olumo I found love
I saw her walk majestically
Among the daughters of the black race
Her teeth whiter than salt
Her eyes more attractive than that of gazelle
Her skin smoother than butter
Her voice quenches my thirst
Her hair is like silk
She is a Queen among the daughters of Adam

Love is my Mother
Love is my loving Sister
That never gives up on me
Love is all those beauties with pure character
Love is that lovely tall robust African Queen
She loves me with her life and all
Even when I have nothing to give her

Love is that daughter of Kogi
That sacrificed her love to protect me
Love is that daughter of Mr. Lawal
That picks fight with me always
She loves me and won’t express it
I love you too
I won’t admit it publicly

Love is the princess of Benin
That allowed me to kiss her
Though a Londoner adorns her
With Charlie’s mum

Love is my beautiful nieces
they will grow up
To be great ambassadors of the black race
I wish you don’t fall in love with a complicated man like your Uncle
Who knows your karma or destinies

I have found love
Even in the least expected places
Even in the hearts of enemies
I found seed of love

I see love in all that I experience
Daily I found it
In God’s creation
I seek it
Daily I found it
At birth my Mother destined me to love and be loved

Babashola Ayeni.



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