It is time of celebration
The celebration of Jabulani
King among balls
Jabulani Jabulani Jabulani
We hail you
The ball of change
Change for Africa
Arise Africa with Jabulani
Take your place in history

Jabulani is the crystal ball of destiny
I have never seen a ball with emotions
But you Jabulani have emotions and feels
It will be said of you
In the days of Jabulani
The greatest among tamers of ball
Could not tame you
Messi Ronaldo broke records
Season before the celebration of Jabulani
When the Jabu festival arrives
Messi Rooney kaka Torres
Could not score and celebrate a goal
Poor Ronaldo
Jabu pitied you; pity was what gave you a goal
Eusebio looked with amazement
Legends were mesmerized
They wonder at your personality great Jabulani

Africa Jabulani is yours
Jabulani celebrates with Ghana
Ghana without Essien the bison reached the quarterfinal
And you Suarez because of your cheat
May your country never lift the world cup?
Until Ghana claims it as theirs
Until then may success elude you
Wherever the leather ball is concerned
Because of you Suarez
Your cheat alters the destiny of the youngest black stars ever
May you be cheated always with the leather ball

Spain celebrate
You are worthy champions
It is better to lose a match and win the cup
Than win all matches but lose the final
Jabulani judges fairly
Don’t boast too much in your skills
Glory in your destiny that was tied to Africa by Jabulani

David villa, Diego Forlan, Argen Robben, Wesley Sneijder,
Asamoah Gyan, Higuan and you goal scorers celebrate
Jabulani celebrates you
And you Giovanni
Your goal against Uruguay
Will remain in our minds
We shall tell our children
Your goal was the best way Jabulani was celebrated
May all football lovers say
Jabulani the greatest ball ever
May we find and have Jabulani in our lives

Hurray Africa hurray black man’s land
Jabulani brought 1 goal
Education for 72 million children
To Africa indeed
Jabulani brought the world and happiness to the black man’s land
The land where Mandela, obama, Soyinka and Joaquin come from
Jabulani brings peace
May that peace unites the world
Football brings peace
Jabulani gives education.


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