Babashola’s Theories: Introduction.

Life, breath, wellbeing and wholeness of mind, are gifts from the Creator, the Giver of life.

What makes life important is different from what makes it fun, enjoyable.

From my own perspectives, I will share my stories, observations, will, intellectualism, spirituality and philosophy.

I lost my dad when I was a year and 7months old and my mum when I was 12years, 3 months old.
Don’t pity me, its fate! It was not my destiny to be an orphan at a tender age. So I have decided to tempt fate.

My experience, my past, is a mixture of joy and sadness, pain and gain.

I’m a pure soul with a sound mind formed by the creator with Africa soil. My spirit emanates light.

I’m a masterpiece, the very best of His Creation. I’m a black diamond, I’m the most precious of my kind.

Don’t pity me! All I have been through, is a necessity for me to become what I was created to be. A Masterpiece!

I’m a writer, author, poet, lover, friend, counsellor, philosopher, student, teacher, revolution catalyst, disciple and leader. I am Africa!

I know pain, betrayal, heartache, lies, deceit, unfulfilled dreams, sadness, lust and greed. I have also experienced joy, fulfillment, purpose, destiny, love, victories and surprises.

People also call me BOTA, acronym for Babashola Oluwatimilehin Timothy Ayeni.
I’m a man on a mission and death won’t come until I achieve it.

My blog is about my theories about LiFE and all that is Attached or entrenched with it.

Welcome to my world!



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