South Africa and the freedom fighters
Can not be separated
Two destinies twined with hatred
Oppression pain grief
Bound in love
Calling for freedom

South Africa and the freedom fighters
inflicted pain on each other
Yet they loved deeply
Their love for another covers their wrongs

She housed them
On an island called Robben
she was scared
Other lands might seduce them away
From her boundaries

She oppressed her lovers
Not knowing
She locked her greatness
Within the cells
At Robben Island

For 27 years
She imprisoned Nelson Mandela
And Nelson held the key to her freedom
In his grieving heart

Until the freedom fighters
Gained freedom
South Africa
Was in chains

The freedom fighters held on to her
Till she repented
from her evil ways

She forsook her notoriety
And married her lovers greatness
Values principles and fame
She accepted her children of beautiful colors
As her own

The freedom fighters love with passion
And she is a passionate lover

She will never let them go
When breath leave her lovers
They will become the land
The Spirits of South Africa
They too will love others
Just as they were loved
By the land!

Excerpt from Nelson Mandela’s Cup. Babashola Ayeni.



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