My soul is grieved
There is a hollow in my heart
I’m so lonely
Emptiness feels my soul

I planted a seed
In my lovely garden
It grows I watered it
I speak to the seed
I sing to its imaginary ears
Cos I loved it so dearly
My plant becomes my friend
It grows into a beautiful Araba tree
With golden leaves palatable fruits
The world envy my tree

Yet sadness remain in me
Every night sleep eludes me
Because of my beautiful tree
My precious giant friend
That I nurture with my very soul

Anger grips my heart
Sadness fills my soul
Beautiful birds nest on my tree
Earthly creatures feast in its fruits
Rodents make my tree
An amusement park

Every night they celebrate
Every night they deprived me
My rest my sleep my joy

I planted my seed
Because I was lonely
Because I needed a friend
Birds and earthly creatures
Have taken my friend from me
I envied my seed my tree
He makes more friends
And deserted me

This morning I woke up
Picked my Axe
And cut off my beautiful tree
I killed my lovely friend
Because of envy
I set fire on the root and branches
I smiled as I looked on

The flying creatures
The earthly creatures
Wailing and mourning
As they flee for their lives
They mourned with ashes
My beautiful tree

Days passed months fades
Rain watered the earth
On a cold night
I heard a thunderous shout
Of victory in my garden
I peeped I looked
I saw God’s creatures celebrating

I looked on
I saw a green leaf
Sprouting from the trunk
Of my dead tree friend
I smiled yet feel with sadness

From the dead tree
A new life is born
What a celebration
A miracle from a scent of water
Hope is never lost
From the ashes
The Phoenix will rise again


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