“Xenophobia” AFROPHOBIA.


Picture: courtesy of Google.

I remembered late 80s late 90s
Dancing to songs by Activists
Calling for Freedom
Advocating to End Apartheid
In South Africa

As a young man I have witnessed
On too many occasions
South Africans killing LYNCHING
Burning their fellow Africans
The white men call it XENOPHOBIA
South African Police minister

Life is precious
Killing should not be encouraged
By the king MINISTERS and
Government officials

Life is life
Blood is blood
Equality black or white
Whoever takes it
Whoever encourages
Is cursed
Cain and Abel
We are all brothers

We should focus our energy
On positivity not negativity
Africa is a great continent
With great potentials
Lack of love for one another
Is killing us
Killing our greatness
A house divided against itself
Will never stand
Africa be wise

Stop the killing
Stop the burning
Stop the looting

God bless the united States of Africa
Peace be still.

@babashola7 Facebook.com/Babasholaayeni

3 thoughts on ““Xenophobia” AFROPHOBIA.

  1. I’m very sorry to know you had to go thru a stage as hurtful as this. I hope it never returns. This touched me, called me out from the deep inside, to realize how humans have been against themselves. As to what I can say, we’re still the most primitive and immature race on the planet. Thank you for lighting my bulb up. Good luck ahead! May peace be still.

    1. You well come. Just like Mandela said, “still a long walk to freedom.” African countries have all gained independence from colonial rules; because of this we say we are free but the question is are we free within? Or are we free indeed. Don’t let us confuse independent for freedom…. Thanks

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