Lucky With Coke


Picture: courtesy of Google image.

Well, I don’t really believe in luck but sometimes I get lucky.  I don’t really understand the concept of luck; well have never really study it. The only thing I know is a decade and a year ago, my Sisters called me that I won a huge amount of money…. In a coca cola millionaire promo. They played the promo on my behalf. This morning, I bought a bottle of coke…reading…. A man look at the bottle cock and told me I’ve won a recharge card… The question is why is my luck always tied with coca cola?

Is it because I grew up

in a family that works with the coca cola company in the city of Ibadan, Nigeria. is it pure luck or coincidence; is it fate or destiny?

I think sometimes, things happened by chance. In some cases, its either fate or destiny and other days it just coincide.

This is what I know, things that happen to me by chance won’t determine my attitude in life. Bad luck or good luck are things that happen by chance.

If fate keeps serving me negativity for life’s meal, I will rise and fight against it.

Destiny is what we choose it to be.

I won’t live my life on chances or allow the theories of fate to weigh me down for achieving great things.

I will wake up each day prepared
For greatness. I will pray in the early hours of the day, prepared to make the best use of whatever life throws at me. I will make sure I have a positive attitude and great faith at all times.

At the very end, life is always a summary of chances(luck), coincidences, fate and destiny. Yes, at the very end………hmmmmm!

I live Africa….. I live for Uhuru


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