Be inspired: part 2


It’s been like a week, since I wrote the write up, Be Inspired. As at the time of writing that piece, I never thought of making it a series thing.

The Truth is, this month has been so tasking for me and gruesome. I feel like I am getting to the end of my energy tank.

I started my semester exam since the second day of May. Have had pressure from family and my girl friend, got broke, and still broke because of wrong financial advices and I was so down to the point that I was considering so many nasty options. I mean so many nasty options!

I started thinking about how things could have worked out for me. I started counting my failures, how far behind I am to my mates. How my desires had ruin my chances of success and the pressure of not achieving my major goals before I clock 30 in like 5 weeks time. These things finally got to me.

And I realised, as long as I have breath in me, I can still make it big. I realised it’s not about how many times you fall or fail that determines your greatness. It is about forging new characters that will guarantee you success.

I have hope in me, and that’s all that matters. All those great ideas I have in me, I’m gonna bring them out. I’m gifted and all I have to do is take another shot at success. I decided, I will never allow the world to make me look down on myself.

I’m a creator, I’m highly gifted. I was born to write and speak. So I’m gonna write great books, write great movies and influence the world positively with my precious gifts.

I will never let go and I will keep knocking at the door until it opens.
Success is never easy but its worth the try.


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