ARISE, O COMPATRIOTS,                                     NIGERIA’S  CALL OBEY.

From history, I have learnt a lot. History has shown nations will always reach a point in time, that decisions made at  that stage will determine the future of his citizens and her impact to the world at large.  And these decisions are made by no one but the leaders.

This statement, put in summary means the future and well being of millions of people is determined by hundreds of leaders in different positions spread across the government. Paramount among them, is the number 1 man, the PRESIDENT.

Our leader characters, his philosophy, his understanding of the time and season and our strategic positioning in world agenda, with opinions of his subordinates will always influence his decision making process. His character, attitude matters a lot.

Nigeria, one of a kind; Nigerians, a people that always create hope and keep believing. I’m very proud to be one! We must move on from this and become a nation that have zero tolerance for hypocrisy, sentiments and poor governance. We must become a nation that is ready to learn. A people that will once again cherish the core values and vision that made us so special that the western world called us “the Giant of Africa”.

Once a again, we are at the threshold of greatness. We, as a nation elected Gen. Buhari as our President. We’ve place our hope and believe in him, for transformational change in  government. I don’t know what the future of our nation will be with him, at the helm of affairs.

This is what I know, we are very close to the promise land. We are so close to freedom that I can smell it, I can feel the wind of change. Let us not forget we’ve felt change and freedom before but did we achieve it? Let’s take nothing for granted because the enemies of progress are still very much around. A leopard can never change its skin!

Is Gen. Buhari the chosen one or we should hope for another? I pray he is the one. I also pray God will grant our leaders all they will need to make us fulfill our potential as one of the greatest nation on earth. We are the greatest people on earth!

Happy Democracy Day, and God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.



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