Sitting in a room. Lying down on a bed smoking, taking a cup of tea, reading a novel; a book perhaps. With no neighbours.

Oh, the nearest neighbour to you lives in the next building. He speaks only Spanish, and you, only English.

You are stuck with your smartphone, no internet access. Then, your phone charger got spoilt. You mistakenly poured hot coffee on it. You can’t afford to buy another charger; you broke!

How lonely can it get?

You are away from home. Thousands of miles away from your country. No friends around you, no family to console you.

How lonely can it get?

The only living companions around you, are the mosquitoes, making supersonic noise in your ears. They can’t wait to suck the blood out of you; when you go to sleep.

Tell me, how lonely can it get?

No LCDs, no PLASMAs, no SMART TVs or laptop. Nothing to connect you with the outside world.

Some places dear, some situations you get yourself into, are far worse than being in prison.

How lonely does it get, we are all prisoners to whatever desires, cravings in us that can’t be controlled.

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