The Conversation Between The Prince and A Lady!

Prince: Dear Lady, I’m a man of little words. I speak my mind because your fairness disturbs my thoughts and give me sleepless night. From the moment I saw you from the tower of my castle till I stand before you now at the seashore, your divinity casts a spell upon my mortality.

Prince: I have traveled so far, conquered great vast lands beyond the Sea. Have conquered kingdoms and made them my servants.


I have cultivated lovely gardens that your heart will desire. I have wealth and great treasures than anyone before me.

I’m a great warrior with a tender heart. The gods, have privileged me to dine with them. My deeds, brings me immortality.

Come, let’s dine and celebrate love at its peak. I will lay you on bed with petals of roses, as you feel warm with my embrace


My love will soothe your pain. My embrace will kill your fears and my kisses will set you free.

I will respect your feminism and honor you as equal.

My love is rare. Come before it seek another. Aphrodite, seeks my love!



Prince of princes, greatest among warriors. Your proposal I have greatly consider. Yet it weigh less than a feather.

What do you know of love, what can you say about it?

You are the son of a slave. Your mother, was never a free woman. Your Father, the great king, murdered your mother to conceal his shame.

The great king, nurtured you with deceit, guile and wealth. He made you the master of deceit. He trained you with an iron fists.

You are the heir to the throne. The heir, born of a slave; who killed his Father to avenge his mother, the slave woman.

Great Prince, what do you know of love, you speak of it as if you created it.


You sail the great sea
Discovered the black man’s land. You tricked him to slavery with your religion and treacherous gifts. You enslaved him in his own land. You colonised him and possess his land, the earth that belongs to him and his sons.


You took his young beautiful daughters and rape them. You tore at their virginity with the sword between your thighs.

Rape! That’s what happened to your mother, when she served your father wine at his chamber.

How can you speak of love, when you never experience it.

Aphrodite, can never desire you. You sold your soul to Tlazolteotl, the goddess of lust and you’ve made a pact with Mammon.

Never desire what you cannot have O great prince!


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