Strange things!


What would be your expression
When you see a handicap
Giving alms to able bodied man?
Strange things

I have seen a young handsome man, getting married to a lady on a wheelchair. This lady has never walked in her life, yet she got herself a very educated talented handsome young man.
So strange a thing……….


To be loved is a strange thing
To be in love is stranger
To die for love is the mysterious of all.
I don’t believe in love until it found me.

I have seen a fowl pursue, even attack a cat. The dear cat, ran for its dear life. I could not stop laughing the day I saw this.


We appreciate light when faced with darkness
We appreciate life when confronted with death
Religion has killed more than any other cause in history
Why do we go to war?


love makes a weak man strong
True love brings a hardened stubborn man to his knees

True love is like ghosts, which everyone talks about and few have seen it.

Strange things happen and we observed it daily but do we learn from it?


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