Passion of Lusts.


            ┬ęBota Photography:

Aisha took notice of my absence and came looking for me. I was at the balcony staring at the evening stars, sipping the beer I was holding.

She stride like a lioness, moving towards me with precision, smiles on her fiery face. A beast with the intent to kill.


“Are you ready to understand my deep feelings and uncontrollable appetite for you,” she asked cunningly?

She touched my neck, edging closer. I lost control of my breathe as she engaged me in foreplay.


She kissed my lips deeply yet tenderly for a while. She reclined, looked at me and said “I will do well in understanding her feelings, but about her appetite, she still need to find out more”.

An excerpt from my manuscript: The kingdom of the Seven Mountains.
┬ęBabashola Ayeni.


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