A Stranger In Our City


She walks nakedly with gold necklace adorned with precious stones around her neck

She moves waggling the gold chain around her waist. Her nipples, pierced with silver diamond earrings

Her hair is so silky that many lost their dignities touching it

You think she is a beautiful woman
until you look beneath her waist
and discover her type of creature

She gives sexual pleasures to the man and his wife. she impregnates the woman with greed covetousness, selfishness and evil

She makes the man an abomination to himself.

She is a stranger that rules our societies, our leaders are so much addicted to her. they seek her every second of the day

She has captured our homes
she follows our children to school and make love with their teachers

She rules every nook and cranny of our society and we all worship her except few

When you look beneath her waist
you realise she is hermaphrodite
both male and female in one body

Her name is corruption and we are all attracted to her seductions and never bother looking beneath her waist

She goes about infesting our society with her leprosy

How do we get her out of our City?

©Babashola Ayeni

@babashola7 Facebook.com/Babasholaayeni

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