How Mysterious is Why?


Why do men cheat
Why do we worry
Why do politicians embezzle
Why do fools fall in love
Why are humans never satisfied
Why is it hard to serve God
Why do Nations go to war
Why did America legalise Gay Marriage
Why must African Nations beg
Why do we hate for no Reason
Why can’t we be content with what we have
Why is black inferior to white
Why do we love
Why can’t we have good governance (African Nations)
Why do we fear
Why are terrorists unstoppable
Why can’t we live in peace and unity
Why do u maltreat that child
Why are you scared to love
Why are you a sadist
Why do we have all these problems in our world
Why can’t we have faith
Why can’t you believe
Why can’t you endure
Why can’t I have my desires
Why can’t we live without evil
Why is life short compare to eternity
Why do rose have thorns
Why do I love writing
Why do beauty fades
Why is truth so rare and bitter
Why can’t we all be great
Why can’t we all be happy
Why can’t we all be successful
Why is death certain for all
Why do you care?

Why must we live with all these mysteries…………..Humans are never satisfied.
©Babashola Ayeni.


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