I believe.

The mind is powerful
Than any force of nature
It is the source of our energy
Its creates our dreams and visions

Great architectural masterpieces
Demagogue in our midst
Great expenditures
Powerful authors and poets
Scientific discoveries and all
Starts with the mind
If only your mind can picture it
Nothing will stop you from
Achieving it.


The only help the mind needs
Its the believe that comes from
The heart.

If you are looking for synergy
Your mind and heart
Is the best synergy you will ever have

Break boundaries
Achieve greatness
Create your own world
Do the impossible
Never accept defeat
Excel beyond expectations
Make new discoveries
And be at peace with yourself

If only you will believe
There is nothing you can’t achieve

The mind your heart
Is all you need!

Picture credit: Chelsea FC.

@babashola7 Facebook.com/Babasholaayeni

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