How do we measure beauty?


Beauty like water
Transcend tradition, colour, race, culture or religion

Beauty is nature
Those that have the gift can harness it for good or bad

Sandra though beautiful
Have no charisma or intelligence
Or grace to carry beauty.


For the first time she realises
It takes more than beauty
To be beautiful

Men through ages
Have spent their time
Beholding beauty though it fades
Even wage war because of Helen


We even bestowed immortality
On the beautiful ones
Claiming beauty is divine
While, some of us still believe
The beautiful one are not yet Born

Then we realise beauty can be divine or evil.
This knowledge brings another quest?
So we raises our standards of how we rate beauty.

This standard bring intelligence charisma attitudes into play

Men will never be satisfy
With beauty alone unless it comes with Charisma intelligence and More

Though we are still fools to beauty
We have become a wise fool!


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