Strange Love………

If only your eyes can become a window to your soul and a door to your mind.

Then will I see and truly understand the depth of you love for me!


We have great passion and desire each other’s company a lot but love can only be love when motives are laid bared.

Your love to me is Oliver twist
How can your heart love two men
You’ve given me your body and soul
We’ve loved each other passionately and sailed on intimacy for long

Yet you veil your love for me
You hide it from starry eyes
You say they know your lover
Across the opposite continent

I’m the one that touches you
You lost yourself in ecstasy
With my kisses when beneath you
I make you smile
And my face glow when you run into my arms
I’m the one you called magic fingers

I’m the one who keeps you warm
And I enjoy every moment of our
Escapades and intimacy
Have never met your type of woman before and I know you are one of a kind.

I’m not going to be satisfied with the secret us again
What is love if you can’t express and declare it openly for someone that means the world to you

I give you goosebumps
And from that first day I said hi
I saw it all in your eyes

You want me more than you need him but you won’t let go of him because I’m unpredictable

My beauty, you are the loveliest among all Flowers
Why fear thou me
I love you more than you do me
You’ve captured me with your wild spirit and gentle soul!

Dedicated to you Princess Egheomere.

Photo Credit: Johnny Depp.


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