God And Man.

Do God make mistakes – No
Do man make mistakes – Yes
God is the creator – Yes
Man is first a creature – Yes
Then a co-creator with God – Yes
Man is also a creator – Yes
God is Perfect – Yes
Is man Perfect – No
God loves man – Yes
Do man love God – It depends
God is Immortal – Yes
Man is part mortal/immortal – Yes
God is merciful – Yes
Man is proud and sinful – Yes
Why contend with your Maker?


We don’t need to be shy of it
Man has always live
To impress God
When we fail to impress Him
We rebel against Him
And yet He loves us

Can every man love his son
As God loves man
Can we?


Man will never be fulfilled
Without God
Man created compass
Not to navigate the ocean or Land
But to find our way to God

God waits patiently for His sons
By His gate, He waits
Sad, unfulfilled He waits
He’s been waiting since creation

Whenever a soul returns to Him
The whole of heaven celebrates
He jumps in excitement as a Father and His sorrow lifted

God and Man
Father and Son
Both proud, yet God humbled himself to have His sons back
Calvary’s Cross

These are just my thoughts
They’ve become words
You read them
And it will dwell in your minds
If you are lost
Its time to find your way home

I have said, “you are gods; and all of you are the children of the Most High”. Psalm 82:6.


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