Heroes Not Slaves.

The Black man has suffered the most of all humanity.
Hundred of millions of our kind has been brutally murdered, enslave, rape, tortured and forcefully constrained to hard labour by Europeans, Americans and other powerful Nations.


King Leopold 11, who ruled Belgium from 1865 to 1909, actually owned the Congo and all that was in it as part of his personal estate.

By virtue of his supposedly blue blood, one man owned millions of Africans and all their land and chattels even though he resided thousands of miles away in a distant Europe.

He orchestrated and directed the slaughter of no less than 15 million Congolese Africans whilst he ruled from Brussels. This was so even though he never set his foot in Africa throughout his long reign.

What about Cecil Rhodes, the Englishman man who, according to European historians, ”literally and lawfully bought” a large part of southern Africa and all that was in it and who named that new frontier after himself by calling it ”Rhodesia”? He also sent millions of Africans to their early graves. This is the same Cecil Rhodes who established the prestigious Rhodes Scholarship for Oxford University and whose money has helped, and still helps, to educate some of the western world’s most distinguished and celebrated leaders by paying for their fees at Oxford. One of those leaders was a young man by the name of Bill Clinton who took immense pride in being a Rhodes Scholar and who later became the President of the United  States of America.

Little did Clinton and all those other ‘’great’’ future leaders of the western world know that the money that was used to pay for their ‘’Rhodes scholarship’’ at Oxford was in fact blood money which had it’s origins and roots in the suffering of the tormented souls, wasted lives and barbaric slaughter of millions of dispossessed and enslaved southern Africans that were bought, sold, maimed, enslaved and butchered in the diamond mines of Cecil Rhodes’ De Beers company.


Great wealth, fame and goodwill has been built with the bloods of my ancestors all over the world. My ancestors are more of a philanthropist than any of the western world.

I’m not asking for reparation and like Nelson Mandela, the deed has been done, have forgiven them their actions. History is a good and cruel teacher.

All I’m asking now from the world is to let my race be. I won’t take nothing less but my equal status with the rest of the world.

On a second thought, I’m not going to accept any platform of slave related ideas from this generation of slave traders.

God bless Africa and all those that seek the good of the Black man!
©Babashola Ayeni.

Credit: Honourable Femi Fani Kayode for the history lesson.

@babashola7 Facebook.com/Babasholaayeni

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