Five Days Of Fun.


I caught your scent as you jog
Around the freedom Park at Ojota
I was also stretching my legs
You paused and said, “sexy legs.”

I boarded the BRT bus at ojodu
Sitting beside the window
I smelled you again
You seated at my back

You sat besides me at silverbird galleria and watched Pitch Perfect together

Five days later, you fondling my nipples, kissing my sexy legs on this lovely couch
Urging me to open my legs wide
For you to thrust me with the sword erected below your belly

Then I saw you, the real you
You came as an angel of light
But you are the beast

You’ve researched me, dedicated few weeks to becoming my dream
You appear so perfect, I had my fears but my desires lured me into your trap.


The scent that attracted me to you, gave you away. As we are almost intimate on this couch, I realized that scent was never yours.

I closed my thighs, stood on my sexy legs and walked into the cool evening.

Love has nothing to do with it, it was five days of fun!


4 thoughts on “Five Days Of Fun.

  1. This caught my attention I must say. Must times we’re caught up in our false, dreamland perception of love that we fail to realise that its physical indulgence could be used as a deceptive tool to attain ill desires. Nice piece.

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