I am Sorry

I never knew how hurt you are
Until I saw you close to tears
You really got angry
And said some nasty stuffs
What happened was something I thought would never hurt us


It has been a dreadful long day
Without you my friend
I can’t wait to see your smiles again


You say things and kept some within………. You almost expressed those hidden words with tears but you didn’t cos you are hardcore……. You rather hurt within than Us sympathising with you.

We played the Truth and Dare game together
Truth…………be told
You are the most beautiful personality when drunk

Our friendship I treasure
Won’t trade it for anything but you
I rose with the dawn to say…..
I AM SORRY AND THAT I…………..some words are best left hidden within.
Right Mide?

Picture courtesy: memecrunch.com
Franklin Amaechi

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