EVIL……. How do we conquer it in our societies, homes, continents and lives?


Evil lives with us, it dines on our tables and we feed it with our greed, pride and selfishness

Our leaders, our parents, children, friends and associates justify evil by saying all they do is for their families.

We have made corruption the foundation for our success. How can we tell our children to study and work hard in their schools. When our political leaders are forging certificates and buying results from Canada to Chicago. They bring these forged certificates to Africa and we celebrate them!


Where is Hope for the future, when  today, our youths are involved in internet frauds, hard drugs, money rituals, kidnapping, lesbianism, and terrorism.

I am so sad because as a youth, I fear for the future. EVIL, is consuming our future and no one has the desire to save it.

We have sold our future to evil because of today’s pleasures.

I am so SAD!

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