Shedding Love


The mango tree is shedding its leaves
The snake its changing its skin, my heart is shedding your love
The season is changing

All I ever wanted is YOU
To love you and express it in every season of life
To care for you and cuddle you like a child
To wake up beside you each morning, declaring my love for you at the breaking of the dawn
To encapsulate you with love as the sunrise


You want to be a million miles away from me
You want to love me from afar
I have reached out for you but you keep drawing back to your shell
You pierce your love in my heart with a spear and watch it bleed
With a smile you watch me die slowly


But my love you cannot kill
It will change like the snake skin
And though the mango tree shed its leaves, new ones will blossom


If you burn my love to ashes
From the ashes it will rise again like Phoenix
My love will shed and bleed
My heart will heal, and my love for you will blossom again.

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