The Bubbling Soul

What do you love to see

what do you like to hear

what do you desire

those desires of yours lurking within you

my words are not for you

but it touches the deepest part of your soul

it motivates you

it gets you angry and sad

it brings you joy and harmony

yet my words are not for you


you only peep into them and steal some for your soul

i am the poet without country

i have no borders or boundry

my soul is with no barricades

my soul is where my words are bubbled up

it takes form in my mind

you have peeped again and again into my soul

through my words

what you fail to understand is

anytime you peep into my soul

i peep into yours and what i see is who you can become

let no boundaries and border hold you captive

explore and find freedom but above all find peace and love

peace and love is what bubbles my soul with words without borders.

babashola ayeni.

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