Don’t Worry. Hope in God!

Here we are on earth
Before our spirits and souls fly away, billions of us
Each beautifully imperfect
Moving each day to our end.

He created this world for us
And we daily make it unbearable for one another
But God still cares and He is worried when you are
The bills piling up, debts increasing and our dreams looking unreachable.
Living unfulfilled drains hope.

Billions of us and he makes it his duty to meet our needs daily
Never put your hope in a man like you, who’s fate is no different than yours.

Your creator is your only helper
All you need do is ask him for help
And patiently wait for him
Daily ask for his help
And He will daily come to your aid

The flowers grow and wither
So do we
Only Him can enrich and sustain our lives to the very END!
©Babashola Timothy Ayeni.

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