A Lonely Man

A lonely man with a lonely heart
Is heart so dry like the harmattan
His desires deserted him, becoming unreachable, he cried.

He loves a Togolese lady
That has a phobia for his origin
The lady will never love a Nigerian
One was ruthless to her cousin
Nigerian Men!

He is emotionally attached
To a Yoruba Lady, that will never value or appreciate Him, and yet, he cling to her.

Young man, why suffer yourself on issues of love; many black diamonds called African Queens wishes you are their Man and yet you sob and long for those that wreck your heart?

This lonely MAN walks alone, in the lonely dark night.
Towards his destination
“No where”.

Nobody understands him more than the dry harmattan season

He walks alone
In the harsh night towards no where. The dry wind fills his nostrils, as it accompanying Him with the rustling of leaves, dry leaves.
©Babashola Ayeni.

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