More Than A Continent!

From the old kemet pyramid
To cocoa house, I trace my root
From Accra to Casablanca,
I find my own people,
my own race.

Africa is more than a continent
She is more than the goldmine in GHANA
She is more than the diamond field in South Africa
She is bigger than the crude oil in Nigeria
We have history that goes beyond slavery, poverty, apartheid and famine

Africa is the harbour of peace, the cradle of civilization
Our culture is rich
Our tradition is remarkable
Our blood is priceless ask Obama

Africa is the anchor of peace
That holds the world together
I am Africa.
©Babashola Ayeni.

17 thoughts on “More Than A Continent!

      1. You are so lucky! I am in the United States!
        I wanted to study abroad in Ghana. I was an editor of a travel magazine and my section of Traveling In Ghana. It was funny because I had never been, and I was jealous of all these other journalists and photographers who had the opportunity!

  1. Africa is rooted deep in the minds of her children and inspires many a bowed down soul in times of distress. I am no Africa yet I have been there ,experience what I could from the” Roots” by Alex Hayley. 🙂

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