The Cross Road!

The road behind you is a desert
It is your past, filled with memories, some you linger on while some you want to forget cause you wish it never happened.

The road to your left are the bad choices you made. There are many interlinks on these road that leads to your past. Bad companies you kept, lies, wickedness, envy and all those things you did, that your conscience condemned you on and you are not proud of, lies on this road.

The road to your right, shows those happy moments in your life. The success, fulfillment you experience by being good, kindhearted and exhibiting good characters. But the road has few interlinks with your past, the Good you have done are like fluke when compared to the pain you have caused.

This road at your front is your future. Take a deep breath and take a rest, before you move on. Your today becomes your past tomorrow, time keeps ticking, it never stops. There is no neutral in life…. It’s either good or bad, fair or unfair, right or wrong. Make good choices and stand for social justice and equality for all!
©Babashola Ayeni.

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