Grave Awaits All Mortals

The grave is filled with dry bones, 
              ashes and dust
   Man or animal, as long as you
  have flesh, your end is dryness
   in the grave, where moths and   
     termites will feast on you…..
     Yes, moths, worms, maggots
               and termites.

     Life has no duplicate, nor is    
    favoritism shown to the dead
     How you lived your life, is the  
     only grace your soul will have….    Your choices will determine your destination in death…… Fuck all those things you treasure with your life…..

      Grave awaits you and I,
   no escaping from the clutches
                   of death.
     Rich or poor, wise or foolish, wicked or good, terrorist or saint,
          Muslim or Christian…….
    It will be cold down there,
and everything hidden will be laid
The only grace you and I will have,
        is how we lived on earth!
©Babashola Timothy Ayeni.

Happy second day of 2016, make good choices and great progress!

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