O Surrogate Mother

I’m drifting, my eyes were closing

Death stared into my eyes but fear has now fled me

My surrogate mother held me

She pushed me,

And made it natural to dream.

That dream bids me!


O Mama!

Your surrogacy has changed the world

At least it changed mine

God really has spare parents on earth

Real ones like you,

You have become biological!


How did you see it?

How did you know my dream was missing?

How did you know I was out in the cold?

Normal life seeming like precious gold!

Just how O Mother!


Have you realised what you have done at all?

An armed robber yanked and tamed forefront,

A woman of possible loosed virtue denied induction,

A future illiterate refused introduction,

I will say more…

A lone forename, surnamed

A sun tarnish soul sheltered

My hunger vanquished


O Mama

With a few more like you

A few more to help you

Many children will pick up the pen

And write their own poem.

Poem written by: Ocholi Okutepa

Ocholi Okutepa, is an orphan I met this week, when i visited Hope for Survival Orphanage Home @Gishiri Maitaima extension in abuja , Nigeria. this young chap, is filled with life and hope. i was attracted to his poetical rhymes and skills!



6 thoughts on “O Surrogate Mother

    1. yeah…. i told him. I also encouraged him and showed him some of my writings. i told him not to give up because I didnt and i told him i’m also an orphan and a talented poet like him…. he looked at me with tears in his eyes and joy in his heart and gave me an intimidating but lovely hug. i will be going there on 15th of january to celebrate my nephew’s birthday with them before i travel back to ghana.

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