Black or White Beautifully Complex

    The beauty of life lies where
      The comfort of friendship
  The security the family provides
   The adrenalin your lover injects
                  into you
The protective instinct of mothers
            around their kids
     Even animals do have that

         All these complexities,
your feelings, unresolved emotions
               bottled up in you;
Your Body, Soul, Spirit and Mind shelter them and gives expression
          to them when needed.

The most beautiful complex Art
              in nature is You
   You are the only priceless Art
                     in nature

DA Vinci Michaelangelo Picasso
            Rembrandt and all
       Produced arts considered priceless yet were sold for a Price

    Human beings are the only Art
     That history has sold without 
          knowing its true worth

      Respect to my ancestral line
Who farmed great plantations with
                  padlock lips
Who built great cities with chains 
                  and shackles
       while whipped like cattle’s

     Eternal love to the great minds
      that struggled and persevere
                 in times of evil
   Who stood up and give freedom
           to those oppressed
Who made slave lands to become
                    free Land.

    Respect to those who change
     history by abolishing slavery!

This is a bittersweet summary of
  Our history entangled with the
  past but brought to live by who?

    ©Babashola Timothy Ayeni.

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