Rocky Paths (Remix)

Where emotions hold you prisoner holding u steady till your strength fails..

Rocky paths are slippery paths, that slips you into a world where happiness and joy become your enemy..

Rocky paths are slippery paths… close but hidden beyond sight…. It breathes fear and torture the very essence of your mortality yet hidden by you and me

Only fools walk freely on paths angels fear to tread……

Each one of us daily build these rocky paths, a trap; a snare in our relationships and we pile up those souls, until we lose counts of our evil and our conscience fades into oblivion;

In darkness light will shine
Nobody is lost beyond saving except when life is no more

You can still change your ways
And make those crooked paths
Straight….. Straight for us all………

I’m not giving up on you….. Only you is worth saving!

Written by: Nana Ama Sarpong & Babashola Timothy Ayeni.

Your views and critics would be gladly appreciated.

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