Finding The Real Me

I am a complicated person; there are so many things about me that I cannot explain.

I can see through others easily, no matter their pretense and hypocrisy yet, I am a mystery to myself.

My love life has been a tale of complexities at its peak; my desires you cannot understand.

I think I am unlovable; yet they desire me. They seek to please me though I cannot be pleased or satisfied. something must be wrong with these women that flirts around me!

I think, there is another me deep deep inside of me. That hidden me, that finds expression in the me that you know, is the genius and the source of my complexities.

I really do not know the true me and so many made it their lifelong pursuit to know the real me.

The only certainty about me is my love for God and my passion to make your lives better, meaningful, adventurous  and purposeful.

I am just me and yet, I still want to meet the real me that you all fell in love with; I pity you!
©Babashola Timothy Ayeni

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