The Beauty And The Beast

Michelle got Barack
Catherine got Prince William
Camilla Parker got Queen’s Son
Angelina got Brad who is the PiTT
Jada got Will
Beyonce got JayZ
Tara got Fela Durotoye
Stella had Obansojo
Hilary got Bill
Pastor Nike Got Reverend Sam
One lovely damsel got BABASHOLA
Same with you!

This scenario is one of the mysteries of our world, and it can only be explained by the principle I call, ” the beauty and the beast”.


A beast in most cases will only fall in love with its tamer and there is always a way to tame the beast.
Never forget the story of King Kong and the beautiful Ann Darrow.

The beauty is the real beast; she captured  the beast with her look or charisma


One look from the beautiful Medusa turns the strongest and wisest of men to stone.

My counsel for you: Fear the beauty that tames the beast. If you annoy her and she unleashes the beast, you will rue the day you called her weak and took advantage of her.

Every Lady has a beast!

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8 thoughts on “The Beauty And The Beast

  1. God’s attribute? I thought you wrote this saying that God was a woman and a beast all in one. Seems you already wrote to God’s attribute. Or no?

    1. You getting me wrong. The beauty and the beast is point on equality and I’m of the opinion that women are a lot stronger than men. And that every Lady has a beast, that’s her lover and if you think she’s weak, that would be to ur own peril. The story of Samson and Delilah is an example of women strength or check Adam and Eve. Pls read it again. Thank you

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