Love Struck

We both stood there, staring at each other. The rain poured like never before, our hearts beating like the konga drum; who is going to make the first move, we have said good night a dozen times and our legs glued to the ground.

The rain beat us fiercely, looking into his eyes,  I tried reading his mind. Is he shy, or scared of touching me or what the hell was his problem?

I turned once again like so many a night, disappointed. As I took my leave, the lightening struck with anger, there was a loud bang in the sky as if the heaven blew a trumpet.

I got so scared that I ran to him for protection, and then it happened. I ran into his open arms and we kissed and he swivel me in the rain and we danced in the rain!
©Babashola Timothy Ayeni.

Konga its an African Drum and its so loud!

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4 thoughts on “Love Struck

    1. I’m a guy and that’s me on my profile pics. I enjoy writing from a girl perspective and angle most times. I’m the only son of my mum and the last born. I have lots of senior sisters! Hope you enjoy it.

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