The Journey

There is always a destination
A desired end
A hope placed on our expectations

Life is a journey
Every relationship is a journey
Schooling itself is a journey
Everyday we embark on
One journey or the other

There is always a goal to achieve
On every journey you embark on
Either to find peace
Or to create chaos

The irony of life is, some do embark on this journey without any thought about their destination or what they intend to achieve and acquire through the journey they embark on.


I will be doing a series on this Title
” THE JOURNEY”, today and possibly till the end of the week.

I’m also preparing to travel to my base and the journey back to my base will take me through different states in Nigeria before finally travelling out of the country.

I hope you will enjoy these series, and it will speak to your inner mind, propel you to achieve greatness and make life better for those around you.

©Babashola Timothy Ayeni.

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