Our only Destination!

I couldn’t post anything yesterday because I was so tired from my journey.

This made me realise that your journey is not as important as your destination

Your destination is more important than any sacrifice you made to get there

So many people sacrificed the essence of life because of political and social status

It is only the blessing of God that makes rich and add no sorrow!

Don’t ever sacrifice your soul to the devil, because whatever the devil gives you, he stole from you.

I one day, dream from a Nigeria that will be the most desirous nation to live in by 2025; I work daily to achieve this dream and it has become my ambition.

This my dream is a vision that God gave to a man (#FelaDurotoye), and I’m earnestly pursuing it.

But don’t let us forget that it is totally impossible for the devil to give you peace, righteousness, fruitfulness and all  that only God can give.

Don’t ever sell your soul To the devil because of your dreams, ambition and destiny.

Your destination is more important than your journey and your soul is more valuable than this universe.
©Babashola Timothy Ayeni

PS: our destination is eternal fellowship with our creator in heaven; but so many have missed it because of the way they lived on earth……… Jesus is Lord!

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