My thoughts before I Sleep

I read about John Wycliffe and studied the way he lived in the morning. I’m also going to read about John Hus before I sleep. You can also do a little reading on these great men; I bet you won’t regret it.

I’m planning on hitting the bull’s eye this year. So i spent most my time in January planning, and this February, I will focus on precision. The ability to move with speed and still it the target with 100% accuracy is what I’m training on this February.

To make tremendous progress in all our endeavours, we need to work on our relationships and do some pruning. Any relationships that brings negativities on board should be cut off and we should focus our energy on those that helps us become a better person.

However, we might need to repair some relationships that we have destroyed based on our negative attitudes and selfish motives.

Why I’m emphasising on this is because these broken relationships if repaired will grant you unlimited access and progress in achieving your goals and dreams.

Good night!
©Babashola Timothy Ayeni.

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