Irony Of Love

All I ever wanted is to watch you sleep

To watch the smile on your face while sleeping

To sketch you as you curve round the pillows

To kiss you at the break of the dawn

To curve my arms around you as the sunrise

To tell you how divine your beauty is

And how deep your love has gone in my heart

I want a slow steady fruitful long lasting love life with you

That will take us to the priest

After a blissful courtship and forever would not be enough to love you again and again

My love let’s enjoy every moment that God has given us in this Garden of Eden

Let us be patience, faithful and sincere with ourselves

Do not desire the forbidden fruit and do not lure me into it

I will patiently wait till we take our wedding vows before I seek what lies in between your thighs

Patience my beauty, is the scarf we bind our love with.
©Babashola Timothy Ayeni.

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