The Diary of A Woman

We all had flat chests
Boys and girls
The only difference
Is what lies between our thighs
And then it made no sense
We all bath together in the open
Involved in all kinds of mischiefs

Then the changes start
My flat chest stop being flat
They became orange like and kept growing

My physique keeps changing
I stopped bathing openly
And I kept my clothes on
No more running and dancing around naked

The boys start winking their eyes
And they forgot we were buddies and we do play naked together years
gone by

What’s happening to my beautiful world
I cried
Then one night I slept and by morning
It dawned on me
I was covered with blood
flowing like a fountain from my “you know”

I was confirmed a woman
And my childhood is forever stolen from me
All I have left is memories

Memories of these vampires that keeps following me like bucks, we Africans called them, “He-goats”

They were once my buddies
And as children we danced naked in the rain, together!
©Babashola Timothy Ayeni

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