Complexity of Change

Life and its activities, sometimes are cascade. I do wonder, why some people will never change their opinion about you.

Is it because they believe you don’t possess the ability to change (good or bad), or they see change as a factor that can never influence your nature.

Nature and life has taught us nothing, nothing indeed apart from change is a possibility that sometimes is impossible in some organisms.


A leopard will never change its skin they say; but I’ve you ever wonder, its the leopard skin that distinguish it from other cats. More so, a caterpillar will never reach the peak of its existence until it transformed to a butterfly.

It’s almost impossible to comprehend  the beauty of a butterfly lies deep within the ugliness of a caterpillar.


Change is complex. That’s what life has taught me!
©Babashola Timothy Ayeni.

Images: courtesy of Google.

2 thoughts on “Complexity of Change

  1. Lots to think about! I don’t worry what people’s opinion of me are now. I used to. I’m more concerned with what I think about me! As long as I am growing more into who I am, that’s what matters – they may be crawling like the caterpillar, but I’m the butterfly flying, belonging to the world in a different way. Happy flying 🙂

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