The Truth!

Truth is constant
It does not change form
It remain unchanged through time
Time has no effect on it
Mankind is Truth greatest enemy
It is a catalyst
It holds eternal value

Truth sets free
It will always liberate the soul
Truth is the same yesterday, today and forever

Once upon a time
A group of religious leaders asked a young man who he was? 
He told them who he is
But they never believed him

He said to them “I am the Son of God, the Saviour of Mankind.”
They killed him because he told them the truth about himself

But because what he said was the truth
He rose from dead

He also told the world
That he is
The way the truth and the life
That no one comes to the Father
Except through Him

Truth can never diminish
Truth purifies
And sometimes it is very bitter but it is always victorious
Truth never dies
Truth is life
Truth is light
Truth is the word of God

Jesus Christ
Is the Way
The Truth
And the Life

And to has many that believes in Him
He has given them power
To become like Him
The Sons of God
©Babashola Timothy Ayeni.

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