The Capricorn With The Doe Eyes

Your eyes your look
When you wink
Million things you do with your eyes
Makes me laugh
Makes me wish makes me wonder
Can you behold me forever
With your eyes

Walking beside you
On the stairway
Chitchatting before you zoom off
On your Bike
Is always the best part of my day

I peep on you from my balcony
As you cloak yourself in the blanket
Reading Ake: the years of childhood
By Wole Omo Soyinka

I was flabbergasted
When i saw the way you read words
And follow the lines with your eyes

Your eyes is the sexiest
I have ever seen
And there is certainty
It will remain the sexiest

You’ve got Leah’s delicate Doe Eyes
And Rachael’s beautiful Lepa body!
©Babashola Timothy Ayeni.

Dedicated to Capricorn18.

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