I Am Beyond The Caste System

I was not born in a royal family
But my blood is 100% Royal
I was not coronated as a king
I was born as one
And my domain is earth

The caste system never affects me
I am beyond it
I might be the son of a Peasant
Or the daughter of an untouchable

Human existence is only in two phases
We live and die
The caste system is foolishness
It is foolishness
To think you are superior to someone
Or you are inferior to someone
Just because of his family rank
In the society

Do not let social stratification
Determine your destiny
Or placement in the society
If you find yourself
In the lowest part of caste system
Climb your way to the top

Use your talent
Get education
Dream dreams and have a vision
Push your dreams with your ambition
Don’t let the caste system
Place a lid on your destiny

Have seen slaves become kings
I have seen a farmer’s boy
Become president
Of the most populated
Black nation on earth

Gen. Olusegun Okikiola Obansojo
Is the farmer’s boy
Nothing is impossible
It is your destiny
To abolish the caste system
It is possible
It will happen

I believe in social justice
And equality
Because God created man in his image
And we are created equally
©Babashola Timothy Ayeni

This work of poetry is dedicated to lives that are made barren because of the caste system and social stratification; especially in Asia and around the world.
May light and truth shine upon this evil and darkness called caste system, social class or whatever name it’s called.

7 thoughts on “I Am Beyond The Caste System

    1. Not really. It’s about Caste system and social stratification in general. Caste system has become culture in India, Asia and Africa. And it has locked people and dreams in shackles for centuries

      1. oh yes’ thanks for the info, I thought you were an Indian…we also have it here in the Philippines; it is not clearly seen but if people will just analyze our society; the poor people are always below and the rich are classified but always on top….

  1. yes, I think it will be,,,if there will be more who will do what you are doing and would pay much attention

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