The Difference

The difference between life and death
The difference between love and hatred
The difference between light and darkness
The difference between hope and hopelessness
The difference between faith and doubts
The difference between joy and pain
The difference between good and bad
The difference between truth and lies
The difference between fear and boldness

The difference my dear is you
Your choices
Your courage
Your strength
Your weaknesses
Your decisions
Matters alot more than you think

You have lived your life searching for that one thing that matters
Your quest for freedom
Your escapades
Your long walk to liberty
Your search for a better life
Is within you
You are all that matters


You are the difference
The whole universe was made for you
All was created for your benefits and pleasures
Make the difference in your world
Cause you are indispensable in the order of creation.
©Babashola Timothy Ayeni.
Pictures Credit: Midelee.

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