A Taste of Temptation: The Story of A Great Man and A Cunning Seductress

It was a cool evening
I sat with my friends at the park
And some ladies down the lane
Joined us for the picnic

One of them
A lady with an intrinsic beauty
Kept her focus on me
She followed me with her doe eyes
Through the evening

When night came
And we all said our goodbyes
She walked to me
And gave me a kiss on my lips

I walked away from her
Never looking back
But my mind kept playing back
The whole scenario
With each step I took to my abode

Not able to sleep
I walked down the lane
To her apartment
After knocking on the door
With no response

I decided going back to my villa
And then the door opened slowly
I looked back
And I saw a nude beautiful structured body smiling at me

With hesitation I moved closer to her
She held my hand
And led me to the bed of perdition

And so my story begins.
©Babashola Timothy Ayeni

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