Tribute To A Great Man

Years back, you hustle and struggle to become great.
You rose like a palm tree among your peers to become a trailblazer.
With vision, innovation and passion you forge ahead to become a pinnacle of success.
You plant a piece of you, the seed of greatness in all your children and loved them all. From the oldest to the youngest, you made them Princes and princesses in your kingdom.

When death came calling, as a true African man, you left an indelible mark in history as a man of good and great character.

Your greatest priority was your Family and their well-being. You

train and mentor others and treated them like your own seed.

Your charity to your world still speaks volumes till today and your life has become a lesson of virtue, integrity and love to the world.

It’s 29 years today that you left and mankind still celebrate you. You are a hero and your life and philosophy is a testament.

We love you Father and this is a tribute to you from your Last Born and last Son: Olukiola 4th.

Keep resting in perfect Peace!

A tribute to My Father: The greatest man, the greatest father that I know.
©Babashola Timothy Ayeni.

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