The Moral Principles

The first principle of value that we need to rediscover is this: that all reality hinges on moral foundations. In other words, that this is a moral universe, and that there are moral laws of the universe just as abiding as the physical laws. – Martin Luther King Jr.

As soon as we know right from wrong, we develop a moral conscience. We know except we want to ignore the fact that slavery, racism, stealing, killing, gay and lesbian, cheating, envy, hatred, addiction(smoking, heroine, weed, hard drugs) and lying is morally wrong.

Just as we have scientific laws that govern the universe, so also there are moral laws if you break them there are consequences.

Civilization and advancement in technology is good but if they create or discover what will destroy our moral values in the society, I won’t accept it even if the state laws say otherwise.
©Babashola Timothy Ayeni

5 thoughts on “The Moral Principles

  1. There is no inherent morality in the universe, and thinking otherwise is dangerous. Think critically. There has to be a logical argument behind why anything is to be considered wrong. It’s disgusting and illogical to suggest gay people are immoral. Back up your reasoning. You want to talk about moral principles? Follow the rules of philosophical argumentation.

    1. When we look at how this world came to be and how we humans became the head of all creations, you would see vividly clear that to be a gay or lesbian is breaking the order of creation. I don’t need philosophical reasoning to know to be a gay or lesbian is a sickness or they are possessed by a demon. Thank you

      1. The universe (not world) wasn’t created by anyone. You assume it was created; you assume there is a higher power; you assume such a higher power would care about the sexual orientation of human beings. But even if all of your assumptions were hypothetically correct, who cares? You can never prove it. I have plenty of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and queer friends who are living perfectly happy, healthy, and love-filled lives. If anyone is sick, it’s you, who live a life in such pointless stress due to the sexual and romantic preferences of others.

        You should follow Martin Luther King Jr’s foundational arguments for equality and accept and love all of your brothers and sisters for who they are.

      2. I love all and I see them as equal. mankind sexual perversions shouldn’t hide behind civilization or technological advancement. I’m not a assuming anything, neither am I basing my conclusions on any religion. Having a relationship with God is deeper and broader than any religion. I stand and sided with the TRUTH, gay and lesbian are sick people that need to be healed spiritually. I love them but hate the sexual perversions they involve in. And I pray with all sincerity for them to be deliver from that which keep them in bondage and darkness. I pray they all see the light that shines from not the sun but from the Creator of this world but seen and unseen. Amen!

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